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Application of pneumatic pinch valve in seweage treatment or wastewater treatment

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Pinch valve for seweage and wastewater

What is wastewater treatment ?

Wastewater treatment is a process removes the containminants from wastewater to meet the water quality requirements for discharge or reuse, wastewater treatment is widely used in construction, agriculture, transportation, energy, petrochemical, environmental protection, urban landscape, medical care, catering, etc. 

wastewater discharge

Wastewater treatment classfication

Wastewater treatment can be divided into three types: physical method, biological method and chemical method according to its function.

  1. Physical method:It mainly uses physical action to separate insoluble substances in sewage, and does not change the chemical properties during the treatment process. Commonly used are gravity separation, centrifugal separation, reverse osmosis, air flotation and so on. Physical treatment of structures is relatively simple and economical, and is used in villages and towns with large water capacity, strong self-purification ability, and low requirements for sewage treatment.

  2.  Biological method:Using the metabolic function of microorganisms, the organic matter in the dissolved or colloidal state in the sewage is decomposed and oxidized into stable inorganic substances, so that the sewage can be purified. Commonly used are activated sludge method and biofilm method. The biological method has a higher degree of treatment than the physical method.

  3. Chemical method: It is a method of using chemical reaction to treat or recover dissolved substances or colloidal substances in sewage, which is mostly used in industrial wastewater. Commonly used are coagulation method, neutralization method, redox method, ion exchange method, etc. The chemical treatment method has good treatment effect and high cost, and is mostly used as the effluent after biochemical treatment for further treatment to improve the effluent quality.

Pinch valve for seweage treatment

Why pneumatic pinch valve is a good choice for wastewater treatment equipment?

Watewater or seweage contains lots of particle and waste, and treatment additive include: quartz sand filter material, anthracite filter material, polyaluminum chloride, activated carbon, honeycomb inclined tube packing, fiber ball filter material, garnet sand, etc.

Pneuamtic pinch valve is very suitable for water which contains impure and waste, the rubber hose form a lip-seal to stop the waste water flow while inflated, there is no leakage and good sealing for particle and waste, another advantage is different rubber materials can be used for different additive, EPDM and viton has good anti-corrosive performance. 

pneumatic pinch valve for DAF system


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