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BOC are new pinch valve manufacturer based on Chinese market, from 2016 to now, excellent quality pinch valve had been developed through the rubber and mechanical engineer’s effort .

From rubber formulation design, rubber compound production, rubber process design to pinch valve test, each step are controlled by BOC engineer to ensure the best pinch valve is produced. After lots of testing and improving, we can offer the best pinch valve to the customer all around world.


BOC pinch valve are most reliable and cost-effective for automation industry. The sturdy and simple design, with few components, guarantees high operational reliability and a long service life. pinch valve does not require bulky control or drive constructions, the compact design means that they can be used in many cases even in the most inaccessible spaces.


The highly elastic sleeve is deformed under the air control pressure, form a leap seal to stop the medium flow as long as the control pressure is maintained. While air control pressure released, the valve will open with the sleeve rebound resilience performance itself.


Pinch valve are ideal solution for many applications. They can be used to control any mediums. Free cleaning, no dead volume, no dirt traps, no restrictions to flow. Especially suitable for medium with substances that hard to flow , like solid, powder, silk, waste,fodder,etc.


BOC pinch valve will focus on customer request in future and try to help customer make improvement in their automation industry, offer the best product and service is our great honor.

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