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Series CSF

Features Design : Pneumatically actuated pinch valve
Sealing principle : Eleastic lip seal
Mounting position : Any
Type of mounting : In-line installation
Direction of ow : Reversible
Valve function : 2/2 way,normally open
Reset method : Rebound resilience
Nominal pressure : PN10
Sleeve feature* : Replaceable
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Technical data
Working temperature [°C]-20.....+120
Storage temperature [°C]6......+20
Medium pressure [bar]0......4
Pressure diference [bar]2.5......3
Optimum control pressureMedium pressure+Pressure diference
Compressed air toISO 8573-1:2010
PaintingPowder coated 60-80  m

HousingCast aluminum alloy, cast stainless steel
Housing coverCast aluminum alloy,cast stainless steel
Seal or sleeveAnti abrasive natural rubber,EPDM,others
Bolts&NutsCarbon steel

CSF pinch valve dimensions

(mm)(mm)(mm)(inch)(mm)(kg)(L**)Max (bar)
50165102418125183G 1/4''303.70.306
G 1/4''284.30.456
80200138818160228G 1/4''315.60.956
100220158818180280G 1/4''358.41.706
125250184818210348G 1/4''4012.03.506
150285212822240418G 1/4''4317.07.006
200340268822295558G 3/8''6035.015.504

PS: max control pressure 


* Compact design             * Free passage               * No plugging

* 100% shut off                 * Easy maintenance       * Anti-abrasive

* Quick open-close                                                                          


For Pneumatic conveying system

                    * Powder industry: granual, epoxy painting, glass,plastic

* Chemical industry: acid,fuel,liquid,fertilizer

          * Food industry: syrup, ice cream, milk,liquid food

              * Others: cable, dust, salt, water,slurry,waste,sludege

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