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1.Are you pinch valve manufacturer?

   Yes, we produce the rubber sleeve and valve housing ourself.


2.What is your size range of your pinch valve? Minimum size and largest size?

   The boc pinch valve minimum size is DN6, largest size is DN400.


3.How long will it take to make 50-100pcs air operated pinch valve at size less than DN100?

   In general, 50-100pcs will take 20days . If we have stock , it will be delivered in 3 days.


4.How many stock do you have?

   We almost have stock of all size less than DN100, If request small quantity, we can send out immediately.


5.Can we get more discount if we have more quantity?

   Yes, if you have more quantity, we will offer better price to you.


6.How do you ship the valve to our company?

   We ship the valve to your site through international express or By air , By sea.


7.How about the quality of the pinch valve?

   Our pinch valve less than DN50 , the lifetime cycle is over 3 million times under controlled pressure at 6 bar

   Size larger than DN50, the lifetime cycle is over 1 million times..


8.Do you have any agent in our country?

   We only have agent in South Korea, if possible, we prefer to cooperate with more companies in different countries.


9.Do you supply food grade or FDA certificate pinch valve?

   Yes, we don’t have FDA certificate now, but we can supply food grade pinch valve with Chinese certificate.


10.How is your quality guarantee of the pneumatic operated pinch valve?

     The guarantee based on your application, in general, we offer 2 years guarantee at normal temperature and control pressure 

     under 6 bar.


11.How much of the control pressure?

     The control pressure equals to the medium pressure plus 2.5bar or 3 bar.  If sealing is not tight enough,please enlarge the 

     pressure difference.


12. How to keep the pinch valve being used in normally closed?

      If want to keep the pinch valve in normally closed position , please equipped with a solenoid valve to control it.


13.Can you customize the dimension for us?

     Yes , no problem , we can customize the pinch valve follow customer’s request.

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