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DN40 pinch valve for civilian vacuum toilet

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Civilian market propects for vacuum toilets in China

China is a country with a huge population. In order to make people's lives more convenient, the government has built more and more toilets in public places. More and more toilets are choosing to use vacuum toilets instead of naturally degradable toilets, which can save labor and protect the environment.  Such as park, scenic area, market, hospital......

So there is a huge potential for vacuum toilets manufacturers.

civilan vacuum toilet

Why pinch valve is still a good choice for vacuum toilets?

Although more and more vacuum toilets manufacturers design vacuum valves for their system, but some toilets manufacturers still use pinch valve as a shut off device. Let's see why,

The main advantages of pinch valve for vacuum system.

  1. Quick open and close , while discharge the faeces, quick operation is most important.

  2. Long sealing area to make sure no leakage .

  3. pinch valve is a stable product which has long lifetime and few problems.

  4. The compact design of pinch valve means small volume, it is suitable for civilian vacuum toilet which do not have enough space.

DN40 pinch valve

Which series of pinch valve from BOC suitable for vacuum toilet ?

Series BMPS11 female thread type, Series BMPSS flange o ring sealing type, Series BMP-AP-40 anti-fire type.

are mainly used for vacuum toilet . Different customer has different design.

BMPS11 series price is competitive.

BMPSS series valve is short lenght, save more space.

BMP-AP-DN40 series is for European Railway.

BMPSL series is for Chinese Bullet train.

Vacuum toilet pinch valve


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