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Food grade stainless steel pinch valve

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Food grade stainless steel pinch valve

Food grade pinch valve

Food grade pinch valve means pinch valve housing which contact with the food medium directly must be food grade stainless steel and the pinch valve rubbber hose must be food grade too.

In the food industry, some mediums are powdery or slabby, in this condition, pneumatic pinch valve is a good choice. There are two advantages for pinch valve used for food, first, thre is  no residual media and easy pigging.Second,  low flow resistance.

Our company can manfucturer the food grade pinch valve size from DN6 to DN200. And our ubber hose had passed FDA test. if you want to check FDA certificate , please visist BOC Certificate.

food grade pinch valve

Food grade stainless steel for pinch valve

Food-grade pinch valves must use food-grade stainless steel because the medium will contact with the valve seat. If ordinary stainless steel is used instead of food-grade stainless steel, the medium will react with stainless steel over time, and some heavy metal ions will be precipitated, resulting in contamination of food and endangering food safety. BOC Valve insists on using food-grade stainless steel to make valves.

food grade stainless steel pinch valve

How to choose the rubber material for food grade pinch valve? 

Commonly used food-grade rubbers include natural rubber, EPDM rubber, silicone rubber, and nitrile rubber.

The basic principles for choosing the right food grade rubber are as follows:

1. First of all, it must be ensured that the food will not chemically react with the rubber material.

2. The pinch valve rubber hose which in contact with the medium should use a white liner as much as possible. In case of material precipitation, the white impurities are not easy to be found.

3. If both natural rubber and EPDM can be used, please choose EPDM first. EPDM is saturated rubber and generally does not react with other medium. Secondly, in the process of dynamic use, EPDM will not precipitate any impurities and will not pollute the medium.

4. For special types of media, tear-resistant silicone rubber can be used.

food grade rubber hose

Where does the food grade pinch valve can be used?

Food grade pinch valve can be used for many food processing industry, like syrup, beer, ice cream, nuts, milk,  salt, cooking oil, etc. Try to know more about the food grade pinch valve, please contact with  BOC pinch valve.


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