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Pneumatic pinch valve being used in Vacuum Toilet

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pneumatic pinch valve in vacuum toilet

Vacuum toilets are more popurlar than traditional toilet .There are several types of vacuum toilets. Some vacuum toilets use pneumatic pinch valves as shut-off valves, and some do not.

We are only discussing vacuum toilets which use pneumatic pinch valves as shut-off valves.

Compared with traditional toilets, vacuum toilets have several advantages.

1st, save water, the vacuum toilet uses the vacuum generated in the pipeline to quickly remove the waste in the bedpan. Only a small amount of water is needed. The ordinary toilet requires a large amount of water to flush the waste away.

2nd, it is more environmentally friendly and sanitary. The vacuum toilet has a feces storage tank, which will not directly discharge the feces into the environment. It will be collected and processed in a centralized manner without environmental pollution.

3rd, it is more humanization. When a person goes to the toilet, the odor of feces generated will fill the entire toilet space. The vacuum toilet can quickly remove the feces and the surrounding air to keep the air in the toilet space clean and reduce the odor.

As the shutoff valve of the vacuum toilet, the pneumatic pinch valve has obvious advantages than other valves.

1st, the pneumatic pinch valve is suitable for use in vacuum systems.

2nd, the rapid opening and closing effect of the pneumatic pinch valve is very suitable for the operation requirements of the vacuum toilet.

3rd, the pneumatic pinch valve is suitable for high frequency operation. If the ordinary valve is operated at high frequency, the sealing surface or stem seal is easily damaged.

4th, the pneumatic pinch valve is lip-seal structure, which is very suitable for pipelines with impure media. This biggest advantages is very suitable for vacuum toilets.

Since the several advantages of pneumatic pinch valves, pneumatic pinch valves are widely used in vacuum toilets all around the world.  Vacuum toilets are divided into stool toilet and urinal toilet.

Pneumatic pinch valves used in urinal collectors are generally DN20 and DN25 sizes.

Stool toilets generally use  DN40 and DN50.

The pneumatic pinch valves produced by BOC Valve currently have two types of BMPSS and BMPS11 used in vacuum toilets.

pneumatic pinch valve for vacuum toilet


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